On the frontlines of COVID-19 virus recovery efforts

John Deere machines built hospitals – and John Deere employees built goodwill.

Deere’s E210 Excavator by the customer, Wuhan Shengshi Hongyu Construction Engineering Co, Ltd working at the site.

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak continues to dominate news worldwide. But inspirational stories of perseverance, philanthropy, and humanity are now emerging.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

In Wuhan, China – epicenter of the outbreak – the healthcare system is overwhelmed. And to treat a growing number of patients, the Chinese government issued a seemingly impossible order to local construction companies.

Build two new hospitals.

In less than two weeks.

If those tasks and timelines weren’t difficult enough, the order came on the eve of the much anticipated Spring Festival, an annual celebration during which families gather to take a well-earned break from work.

Items purchased by the money donated by Deere and dealer employees for the staff working on the frontline of the construction of the two makeshift hospitals.

Overcoming Challenges

John Deere dealer, Hubei Yandi Machinery, and customer, Wuhan Shengshi Hongyu Construction Engineering Company, immediately sent two E210 excavators and 30 employees to the construction site.

They were given just 36 hours to complete earthwork and ground leveling. Workers got the job done six hours early through the collaborative efforts of multiple construction companies working together.

Huoshenshan hospital was built in ten days. Leishenshan hospital was finished one day later. Both medical centers were fully operational in early February.

“When we first knew of this virus happening in Wuhan, our immediate reaction was to try and send necessities like water and food to our dealer and customers,” said Zhao Hui, general manager of Hubei Yandi Machinery. “They have been working without expecting any payback on the whole situation.”

The Power of Unity

Deere’s dealer, Hubei Yandi Machinery helped in distributing the donated items to the frontline staff.

John Deere China employees played a critical role in relief efforts. Their donations enabled the dealer to buy necessities such as cartons of mineral water, instant noodles, and 10,000 masks for staff working at the two hospitals. The good deeds warmed the hearts of construction workers toiling in bitterly cold winter weather.

“Our hearts were full when these items were delivered by Deere,” said Hu Yangjie, general manager of Wuhan Shengshi Hongyu Construction Engineering Company. “It means quite a lot during this difficult time when our city is under lockdown.”

Humanity emerged victorious because everyone worked towards the same cause.



On the frontlines of COVID-19 virus recovery efforts


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