Celebrating a 100-Year Legacy of Tractors at John Deere

Current employees share their historic family ties dating back to the acquisition of the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company.

100 Years of Tractor Innovation

A profile of multi-generation families who have worked at Waterloo Works, from the time of the Waterloo Boy to present.

One hundred years ago today, Deere & Company changed the course of agricultural history when it purchased the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company and with it, the successful Waterloo Boy tractor line.

While many events have helped shape John Deere during its rich 181-year history, likely none has been as transformative as Deere’s entry into the tractor and engine business on March 14, 1918.

One hundred years later, there are still family ties to the Waterloo Boy tractor from current employees. See how their pride and loyalty are reflected in the work they do today.



Celebrating a 100-Year Legacy of Tractors at John Deere


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