Out of the Vault Series: 55H Combine

The John Deere 55H Combine was equipped to harvest on steep slopes and hillsides with ease.

Out of the Vault Series: 55H Combine

The John Deere 55H Combine featured power steering and individual self-energizing mechanical brakes. For enhanced stability, the grain tank and engine of the combine were centered on the machine and the header was designed to follow the slope of the ground. In this video, the 55H Combine was equipped with 18x26 low-profile tires set on optional 26-inch rims that were especially useful in hill country. The advertising slogan for the 55H proclaimed the innovative combine to be "the complete master of your hillside harvest." (1954 to 1961)


A 1954 John Deere 55H Combine harvesting grain



Out of the Vault Series: 55H Combine


  • Larry Osborne

    Was the 95 H produced as a flat land 95 and retro fitted into the H model, or was it manufactured as a hillside model to start with? I know RA HANSON upfit many 95’s into 95H models in either
    Palouse or Mead WA.

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