Out of the Vault Series: Power Train ’66 Ag Product Introduction

The '66 intro featured 1020 and 2020 Tractors for row-crop farms.

See Power Train '66 in Action

In 1966 John Deere presented the Power Train ’66, our largest new product introduction at the time. Promotions, such as the video above, highlighted the vast array of new products by displaying them on a train's rail cars.

Joining the Long Green Line of products were four new tractors and 43 new implements. There was a tractor model for practically every size farm. The 53-hp 2510 was touted as the best-equipped row-tractor for smaller farms; the 1020 and 2020 Tractors boasted the best medium-horsepower tractor design then on the market; and if a farmer required more horsepower, there was the 132-hp 5020, the world’s most powerful standard tractor at the time.

New implements included planters, tillage tools, loaders, a hay cuber, a baler, and an orchard and grove sprayer. It was a line of equipment designed to widen farmers’ choices and to meet an expanding array of agricultural needs.


A 37 Mower paired with a 2020 Tractor from the 1960s



Out of the Vault Series: Power Train ’66 Ag Product Introduction


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