Get Down to Dirt Series: Rosemary & Ken

Ontario couple brings their dream to life by owning their own farm and growing organic vegetables.

Last fall we presented five small-farm owners a tractor to use for 10 weeks. Each of them were loaned a John Deere 3E Compact Utility Tractor or 5E Series Utility Tractor. In exchange, while they were working, we asked them to film what life was like on their farm for just a few minutes each day. Some had never owned a tractor. Others usually borrowed a tractor from a neighbor to use when needed, and some of them already had a few pieces of their own equipment. These are their stories about their experiences with using the tractor.

Small Farm, Big Dream

Rosemary Crick and Ken Bryson had no farming experience when they purchased their 50-acre farm in southern Ontario to follow Rosemary’s dream of becoming a farmer – a dream she's had since seventh grade. "I always wanted to be on a farm," Rosemary said.

Now, they're growing organic vegetables on their property. It hasn’t been easy. The couple started with no farming experience and Rosemary says the learning curve has been, “straight up.” Now, specialization and mechanization are helping them thrive.



Get Down to Dirt Series: Rosemary & Ken


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