Bountiful Harvest

Our fans from around the globe share some of their thoughts and photos about harvest.

“I’m the fourth generation on our family farm. My dad and uncle are always on me about learning more about the technology … Everyone that talks to us about our farm always says the weather has been good or bad for the crop. People don’t realize what all goes into that crop. Yes weather is very important, but there’s so much more … What I’ve learned in my short time in the field is that you never stop learning … ”
– Seth D.

"Every year, I go up to visit my mother- and father-in-law in Illinois. I love taking photos of the whole process and I have a learned a lot since my first harvest in 2008 ... Since that first harvest, my photos have become a big hit with my father-in-law. So I started making him a photo book as a Christmas present every year."
Photo by: Ed R.

"Farming has run in my family on both sides for many generations. This is a picture of my dad cutting soybeans in our 9500 Combine in south central Nebraska."
Photo by: Miles S.

Soybean harvest as seen in Argentina.

Soybean harvest as seen in Argentina.
Photo by: Lucas D.

"We work long hard hours ... but we love what we do! We find beauty in our day from dawn until dusk ..."
Photo by: Craig P.

Watching corn harvest in York, Pennsylvania.

Watching corn harvest in York, Pennsylvania.
Photo by: Melvin K.

Combining in Montana.

Combining in Montana.
Photo by: Ashley S.

Cotton harvest photographed in Brazil.
–Kauan S.

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Bountiful Harvest


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