Taking Flight

H2 Enterprises grew out of a family farming business into one of the largest turf-grass seeding, fencing, and reclamation operations in the United States.

Need For Speed

H2 Enterprises has been going pedal to the metal since it was founded in 2008. Located in Keenesburg, Colo., the company grew out of a family farming business into one of the largest turf-grass seeding, fencing, and reclamation operations in the United States. “We started out doing housing-development reclamation and reseeding, and that blossomed into gas pipeline work,” says Corey Huwa, one of the company’s four owners. “We began with four people and today employ over 300. We reclaim thousands of acres per year for governmental entities, pipeline contractors, and developmental groups. We should continue to grow, as we don’t expect a downturn in the gas and oil-transmission industry in the next year or two.”

H2 Enterprises has completed projects in 36 states, reclaiming 6,500 miles of right of way — the legal right granted to gas and oil companies to cross a person’s land — in the process. Typical jobs involve five- or six-man crews running John Deere skid steers and tractors to seed grass and spread mulch. “If the terrain is too steep or too rocky, making it difficult or unsafe, we’ll use helicopters,” says Huwa.

Flying High

If the terrain is too steep or too rocky, H2 Enterprises will employ helicopters. "We reclaim thousands of acres per year for governmental entities, pipeline contractors, and developmental groups." - Corey Huwa, Co-Owner, H2 Enterprises

Jack-Of-All-Trades and Master of Each One

The company employs a massive fleet of John Deere equipment, including several hundred tractors; numerous dozers, excavators, backhoes, and graders; and more than 60 skid steer loaders and compact track loaders (CTLs). “Skid steers and CTLs are just so versatile,” says Huwa. “We use them for every conceivable task. We even use them where most people would use a dozer — they have that much power — yet they are far easier to trailer to a job. Their compact size is very important. We often work in tight quarters on rights of way, whether it’s between houses, next to fences, or near wetlands that we can’t enter. They can do so much within a small space.

“Safety is important, especially in the oil and gas industry. The visibility is far better in a Deere skid steer than in any other skid steer I’ve seen. And that’s a big deal for us. We start and end every single day talking about safety.”


H2 Enterprises has reclaimed 6,500 miles of rights of way in 36 states.

“Our operators — and they are the ones who really drive what we purchase — know what they want,” says Huwa. “Everybody has their reasons. One likes the comfort, another likes the controls, and another likes the power. But it all relates back to the outstanding performance and efficiency of these machines. Operators like to run equipment they can take pride in, and they have pride in Deere machines.”

Keeping Tabs on Their Investment

H2 Enterprises relies on John Deere WorkSight™ to keep tabs on its massive fleet. This suite of easy-to-use technology solutions gives the company a clearer view of what’s happening on its machines and jobsites. Through the JDLink™ web portal or JDLink mobile app along with a JDLink Express or Locate subscription, customers like H2 Enterprises can manage and monitor all their assets — including John Deere Commercial Worksite Products (CWP) — as well its non-Deere equipment.

328E_Skid Steer_John Deere

Skid Steer Versatility

H2 Enterprises’ 60 plus skid steers and compact track loaders tackle many types of jobs.
The company owns a variety of Worksite Pro and other attachments that include bale spears, rock buckets, bale busters, graders, snow blowers and brooms.

“We have over 500 pieces of equipment,” explains Huwa. “That would be very hard to manage without JDLink. Now we can get machine location, hours, and distance traveled, so we know what our machines are doing at all times. This has helped us to reduce our idle time significantly and boost productivity, uptime, and ultimately, profits.”

Support is Just Around the Corner

Dealer support in 36 states has been consistently great. “That’s one of the best things about Deere — wherever you go — there they are. A dealer is always very close, and it’s rare that we have to go more than an hour or two from wherever we are working to find parts and support.”

Attachment Armada

H2 Enterprises’ equipment yard contains more equipment and attachments than many John Deere dealerships. “We run the gamut from snow blowers to dozer blades to grader attachments,” says Huwa.

“There’s a Worksite Pro™ or other manufacturers’ attachment available for almost any job imaginable, and for really unique applications we will fabricate one in our shop. Attachments simply make our operation much more efficient.”



Taking Flight


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