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Out of the Vault Series: What’s New for 52

Model "M" tractors offered excellent versatility for customers.

By the end of production in 1952, nearly 88,000 Model “M” tractors – including variations such as the “MI,” “MT” and “MC”- would find their way to farms, fields, orchards, and construction sites.

Following the styling of its larger brethren, the Model “M” tractor was fitted with John Deere’s Touch-O-Matic hydraulics. The speedy and efficient, Touch-O-Matic system, offered standard self-start and power takeoff features with belt pulley and lights available as optional equipment. John Deere offered more than 20 integral implements with its Quik-Tatch hitching system, which gave farmers maximum adaptability for their cultivating chores.

Touch-o-Matic saved time and muscle for tractor owners in handling their many farming jobs. A touch of the operator’s hand to the control lever hydraulically raised, lowered, or set Quik-Tatch tools to the exact working depth desired, automatically.

Quik-Tatch made attaching and removing tools easy and fast, with the operator able to stay in the tractor seat, as shown in this “What’s New for ’52” product intro film.

Out of the Vault: What's New for 1952



Out of the Vault Series: What’s New for 52


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